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Viviana Vizzini

Viviana Vizzini was born in a small town in Sicily. Caltanissetta.
As a child, she spend her days in various activities that ranged from girl scouts to ballet.

Throughout her child mind was filled with hopes and dreams of adventures in the world beyond her town. At 18, She began to travel and learn more about people, cultures, language and life.
She have learned the value of being intentionally positive and how my positivity can benefit others.
While her path was not traditional, her experiences taught her about the difficult choices between life and work that women sometimes have to make.

She has selected to focus on marketing and communications as a career area. In doing this, She can leverage her previous modeling experience, her academic preparation and her leadership role with the Ms. Universe Organization.

She remain committed to women's issues and She seek to provide both inspiration and hope to women and young girls around the world..
When She worked with women who have experienced difficulties, She highlight the possibilities of what their futures can be. The hope provides a mental focus and my leadership transforms hope in action.

Viviana dedicates much of her free time to address the pressing issues that affect society today. She is an advocate for women and an Ambassador for the Italian Red Cross. She joined the Volunteers of the Red Cross in Rome to support Casa Penelope, a place of refuge where women can return to live, to ensure women have access to safe and high quality housing and are free from threats of personal danger.
Thanks to the organization of miss universe She also is an ambassador for Smile Train, an organization which highlights Viviana's belief that one smile can change everything. Her volunteer work includes raising awareness and fundraising efforts.

Fluent in Italian, English and Spanish Viviana appreciates diversity and welcomes learning about new cultures, customs and languages.

Viviana studies Economy in high school and she is finishing the University in communications science digital marketing. She enjoys reading and learning and strives to implement these best practices in her professional endeavors. Currently, viviana is working to grow her communications and social media firm. She believes that social media platforms should be a source of positive messaging. She strives to create change and support others through her leadership and engagement on social media platforms.

Viviana is proud of her Sicilian heritage and values the simple things in life: honesty, kindness, and friendship. While she is proud of her accomplishments, Viviana believes life is about the journey and that with each day, she can find something new to learn or appreciate about life and humanity.

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